Ditch Your Debt

(for good!)

Decide to invest in yourself and TRANSFORM your financial future!

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Starts June 1st, 2021
6:00PM–7:00PM EST via MightyNetworks


what it‘s about

Is there something you totally geek out on?

For me, it’s helping women become DEBT FREE FOR GOOD, which means helping YOU do this too!

I've been a financial coach for 10+ years and giving my clients a personal experience around money and financial transformation is my jam! I’ve developed this high-touch program so I can help more women achieve financial freedom.

That’s why Ditch Your Debt isn’t your typical e-course, but a highly tailored online course which includes a strategic roadmap and BADASS accountability factor. This course also includes live sessions with Roxana to ensure you are consistently in action and closer every week to ditching your debt.

We are a community of like minded professional women and I hope you will join us in Ditch Your Debt. We have helped hundreds of clients become debt free and their stories fuel my passion and purpose to continue transforming peoples’ lives.

Your future never looked so bright!

Women, Wealth & Worth is
a guilt-free zone.

Amanda Z.

“Last year I viewed financial security and freedom as just a dream. It seemed as if it was unachievable given that I did not have any tools or know where to start. Within weeks, I saw 40+ point increase to my credit score and in just three months of working together I became 100% DEBT FREE! The step by step strategies we put into action allowed me to take control of my finances, boosted my financial confidence and has completely transformed me and my financial future.”

program highlights

  • Understand your credit score in detail.
  • Top 10 credit myths and how these can hurt you.
  • 8 Guaranteed credit hacks to boost your credit score.
  • Actionable steps to guide you through your debt-free journey.
  • Live strategy sessions with Roxana designed to execute the strategies.
  • Resources that will continue to help you after the program ends.

three key takeaways

  • Take action and be accountable with a Ditch Your Debt roadmap.
  • Experience a true financial transformation.
  • Release the debt burden and sleep better at night!

more testimonials


Chelsea B.

"Why I really love this course, and why EVERYONE should enroll is Roxanna and the other women NEVER made me feel ashamed about my previous financial decisions, which is why I never sought help before."



"Women Wealth & Worth's Ditch Your Debt course was a much-needed breath of fresh air that rebooted my money mindset. The shift in focusing on what I do have instead of what I don't enabled me to reinforce an 'abundance' mindset, helping me reduce the feeling of scarcity in my overall life."


"Since completing the Ditch Your Debt program, my credit has experienced a 33+ point increase. I see more gains possible in the future and feel a complete money mindset shift."

Lia A.

"My investment in Ditch Your Debt more than paid for itself. I am now credit card DEBT-FREE and have achieved an 800 credit score!!!"