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$999.00 (Value $5,500!)

Ditch Your Debt is a highly tailored 6 week course which includes a strategic roadmap and BADASS accountability factor to getting you debt FREE. Unlike your typical e-course this one also includes two LIVE group financial coaching sessions to ensure you are consistently in action and closer every week to ditching your debt. 

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Success Schedule

Create a Schedule & Routine that allows you more productivity and helps you save more $$$. This course is designed to provide a roadmap with a Debt-FREE Date. Yes, that's right, you will know by WHEN you will be debt-FREE!
You'll be given action items and worksheets to level up your debt payoff strategy...don’t worry we’ll walk you through them without it feeling overwhelming at all!

Get Financially Organized
The first step in becoming debt-FREE is knowing where you stand. This course is going to help you get your finances in order. With that clarity, you will set your debt elimination goals and work towards them. The trick is to break down the undertaking into manageable stages, which is exactly what we will do together. 
Once your financial house is in order, you will be ready jumpstart your debt-FREE journey.

Receive Accountability
Yep, in this course you'll be accountable with your debt eliminating activities. Wohooo! This means, you'll be sending us your commitment statement outlining the goals you'll be achieving that week alongside with the new module released and why you want to achieve them.
You will also have two live sessions with Roxana during this 6 week program (valued at $3,000)!

It’s time to get you debt-FREE!

For just $999.00, we are going to get you financially stress-FREE!

If you have any questions about the program, please contact me here.

Come  transform your financial future
without shame or guilt!

Weekly Course Breakdown

Week 1: Rewrite Your Money Story
Week 2: Face The Debt & Set It Free
Week 3: Live Zoom - Group Debt Strategy Session with Roxana
Week 4: Credit Myths That Keep You Broke
Week 5: Credit Hacks to Boost Your Score
Week 6: Live Zoom - Celebrate Your Debt-Free Date! with Roxana