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The Future of Investing is Female

An interactive learning experience!
Starts August 11th, 2021
6:00PM–7:00PM EST via Webinar Jam

what does your financial tomorrow look like?

If you want to learn how to fearlessly save and invest your money and reach your financial goals, you're in the right place!

At Women, Wealth & Worth, we are a mission-driven financial education firm that believes EVERYONE (no matter their income, net worth, life stage or level of financial education) deserves to feel confident about their money.

Feeling confident around personal finances means having the opportunity to live life with peace of mind.

does this sound like you?

You feel stuck with your money…

You’ve tried to look into investing but felt overwhelmed & gave up…

You want to do good with your money, while doing well financially….

You want to be more self-confident, secure and financially FREE through investing …

You want to make time for yourself, but somehow never manage to do it…

You don’t want to keep avoiding investing in your financial future…

Sound familiar?

we got you!

Womxn use their wealth to make the world a better place. And building wealth starts with saving & IVESTING!

Amanda Z.

“Last year I viewed financial security and freedom as just a dream. It seemed as if it was unachievable given that I did not have any tools or know where to start. Within weeks, I had acheived financial confidence ! The step by step strategies we put into action allowed me to take control of my finances and has completely transformed me and my financial future.”

We're on a mission to teach womxn who have been left out of the money conversation, learn how to save & INVEST their money to build wealth. When womxn feel confident with their money, money flows into their lives with ease. And womxn are more inclined to put money to work where it can make a positive impact in their communities and the world.

When you have more wealth, you have more options. Money empowers you to….

                    ✔️    Leave toxic jobs or relationships.
                    ✔️    Start businesses.
                    ✔️    Support family members and/or grow your family.
                    ✔️    Take vacations without ANY shame or guilt.
                    ✔️    Retire early.
                    ✔️    Donate to causes you believe in.
                    ✔️    Live a life you LOVE!

This empowered learning experience, led by Personal Finance Expert, Roxana McKinney, will begin with providing the necessary tools and education to shift your money mindset around investing.

Roxana will also help you better understand the gender investing gap and ensure you implement your Investing Roadmap during your time together.

Think of this as an investment in yourself to become financially literate and gain the confidence to take charge of your financial future. 

key takeaways

  • How to invest, even if you are terrified!
  • Understand WHY compound interest is magic
  • Examine why womxn cannot wait to start investing
  • Obtain clarity around your “money why”
  • Gain confidence in joining investing conversations
  • Complete and implement a customized Investing Roadmap


  • Post-webinar LIVE Group Coaching Session with Roxana to ensure you are in ACTIONALL your questions get answered!
  • FREE replay access to our Level up Your Investing Knowledge Masterclass!

what are others saying about

Women, Wealth & Worth


Chelsea B.

"Why I really love this course, and why EVERYONE should enroll is Roxana and the other women NEVER made me feel ashamed about my previous financial decisions, which is why I never sought help before."



"Women, Wealth & Worth has provided me with a much-needed breath of fresh air that rebooted my money mindset. The shift in focusing on what I do have instead of what I don't enabled me to reinforce an 'abundance' mindset, helping me reduce the feeling of scarcity in my overall life."


"Women, Wealth & Worth allowed me to see building wealth as possible for me and I now feel a complete money mindset shift."

Lia A.

"My investment in myself (and the course) more than paid for itself. I am now well on my way to finacial independence and freedom!!!"