Salary Negotiations

We help women demand their worth and transform their lives.

Women’s salaries average only 73% of men’s salaries—and that’s even less for women of color (such as 61% for black women and 53% for Latin(x) women).

Let’s change that together and take control of your finances!

Women, Wealth & Worth provides salary negotiation and advisory services that help women earn the money they deserve.

We specialize in strategic planning to eliminate the gender wage gap for all women.

For each client—whether she’s seeking a promotion or new job (at the same company or a new one)— Women, Wealth & Worth formulates a strategy that will result in a higher salary, better title, paid time off (PTO) benefits, and more.

How It Works?

  • We advocate on each client’s behalf by working directly with her to ensure she earns what she deserves. We’ll look at your experience and success from every angle to help you get the best possible opportunity.

  • We map out a customized strategy for each client to confidently execute by requesting and receiving what she deserves during negotiations with her boss or prospective employer.

  • We offer the option to negotiate directly for our clients.

  • Our fee is calculated after a complimentary in-depth consultation determines all the needs to be fulfilled for the specific client.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are direct advocates for our clients. We are only representing each client and her individual interests.

  • We encourage you to beware of headhunters, as their allegiance is to the employer who conveniently pays their commission.

  • Our experience has resulted in many women securing the highest compensation possible for her experience.

  • From salary negotiation to financial transformation, Women Wealth & Worth is a trusted resource with years of experience helping women with wealth building strategies. Learn more about our mission and experience.

The following are organizations we have successfully negotiated with:

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